Formating and Symbols used:                  
white like the wisdom = Compressor belongs to PAQ class  
yellow like the sun = Compressor belongs to 7-Zip class
red like the love = Compressor belongs to WinRar class
green like the hope = Compressor belongs to WinAce class
blue like the jealousy = Compressor belongs to DEFLATE class
41.473.869 = This is the world record archive size for a general purpose lossless archiver.
41.473.869 = This is the world record archive size for an archiver specialized for that specific input filetype.
41.473.869 = This is a result beeing near the world record (within 10% range).
41.473.869 = Results colored like this were created by a runtime executable compressor (exe runs without manual unpacking).
41.473.869 = contents of this archive can be extracted but are not bitwise identical to source file (=loss!)
41.473.869 = This is a result from a program that performed lossy compression only (intentionally).
41.473.869 = This result must be tested again - Might be compressed better by this archiver
41.473.869 = This archive was lossy compressed where it shouldn't or the content was unextractable / damaged
41.473.869 = Compressors / results colored this way have not passed qualifying because of permanent errors.
  = This test Data Set has not been tested yet
= Source Code of that program is available !!!
۩ = this archiver has a built-in or third party GUI, which makes compression easier
= this archiver has no GUI